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Diary: 27/08/11: Polyday

So, first polyday in a while!

Set an alarm for about seven-ish and then got out of bed sometime after eight :oP It's been generally a problem with going to Polyday from Southampton; trying to get up early enough to arrive on time.

I arrived in time to listen to some of the Poly 101 workshop. I was mostly only in there because the 202 workshop was pretty damn crowded so I went down to buy something to drink (and the queue was in the room with the other session). The workshops seemed well-run, although I'm always a little ambivalent about them because (and maybe I'm just a bit arrogant about the topic) but I don't generally feel the need for a great deal of advice on relationships. *shrug*.

Polyday itself seemed a lot larger than it did at the previous venue a couple of years ago, although it was also a lot more lacking in familiar faces, which left me feeling a bit lost and out of my element quite a bit (I'm not exactly the best at starting conversations with people I've no prior relationship with). Still, nice to meet a few new people who I'd been wanting to meet for a while :o)

As seems to be typical for Polyday, I ended up playing a card game, in this case Munchkin :o)

Also, Doctor Who! Although that was with a lot of hiccups; the session in the room it was originally intended to be in over-run, so it ended up being set up in a different room, by which point it was already part-way through and we only had access to the live-feed. :o/

So it was put off until 8.20 so we could watch from the beginning. Unfortunately, a polyfilm someone had made was scheduled for then. Kind of felt a bit bad for the woman who had made it because she was presented with a room full of geeks who were more interested in watching Doctor Who :oP Anyway, it was eventually decided to put it off for another half hour, and then we got to watch Doctor Who.

The speakeasy bit was after that, where people were to bring their own alcohol (Which I'd nipped out to get during the polyfilm), caught up a little bit with people I'd spoken to early and then headed home.

That bit reminds me of what I really dislike about visiting London; the long ride home. Despite the fact I was heading back two hours earlier than I would have been if I'd gone to Dungeon, by the time I got home I was feeling incredibly knackered :o/ It's got a lot to do with spending an hour and a half on a train whilst tired but really being able to let myself fall to sleep properly. Ack!

Overall it was good, just a shame that it was only the occasional person I knew there!

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