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New Years

Diary: 30-31/12/11: New Years

I went up to Antichrist on the 30th December. The name still strikes me as being juvinile but it's a nice club; there's few clubs in London that can generate the same sort of atmosphere and none in Southampton.

I probably wouldn't have gone except that I learnt that a bunch of people I know from outside London were going, meaning that there would be people I could spend time with instead of relying on talking to people I meet there.

It was quite a fun and incident free night, although I did have to repair my make-up a few times. A new reason for me not to be so keen on black lipstick; its never sold in good enough quality to stay on other people's lips :o/

Didn't really feel quite so worth it on the way back home though; after nine of however many hours of clubs, it's not so nice to have to sit for an hour for your coach and then spend two hours on a coach before I can go to bed :oP Probably would be fine if I could just go straight to bed afterwards but a bit too rough going to do too often otherwise :o)

The day after I went over to thepussykat and littlecyberalex's house party. I ended up getting up late because of the night before and so missed all the public transport, thus ended up spending two hours walking up to theirs. I still managed to get there an hour before midnight though.

Met a bunch of people I hadn't before and took some increasingly obscene photographs that are currently hiding in a very filtered album on facebook. Was all in all a good night :o)

Thoughts: New Years

I've always said something about the year just gone, so it seems a shame not to say anything this time.

It's been overall a nice year.

I've got a new comfortable job in an office with people who are pleasant to work with. It's a comparable pay to my last job, which isn't a lot but is enough to keep me fairly affluent. I'd still like a graduate level job at some point but if that doesn't happen then I'll just have to make my peace with that.

I've gone out and done some fairly interesting things; I've camped overnight in a stone mine, I've done the yearly Labyrinth, I've made it over to both Polyday and Antichrist in London after a gap of a couple of years and spent a little time down in Bournemouth. Can probably improve on that next year though.

I guess that's what I want out of 2012; I want interesting stories to write about. The years seem to be slipping by a little bit too quickly for my tastes so I want to make sure I get the most out of them.

Thoughts: Parades Vs Marches

Came up in discussion online again where someone is complaining that 'White Pride Marches' are considered racist because white people should have the right to 'celebrate thier history and culture too'.

Makes me wonder why they have to make it about race to do that.

I understand why Black Pride Marches are about race; they were born out of the civil rights movements - their whole reason for existing is about addressing the issues of racism and so is very much tied up with ethnic identity.

However, if people really want to celebrate 'their culture and history', why does that have to be about race? If they really wanted to celebrate British culture and history then there are lots of ways to do that without going on a March.

Attending the parades for the Jubilee, taking up folk dancing or going to a museum are all good ways of celebrating British culture and history. None of these things requires a person to be white either; anyone can join in.

Is it really just that they're that out of touch with what a 'Pride March' is that they think it's comparable to what I just mentioned?

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