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Jamie Hankins
5 July 1984
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I'm a philosophy graduate and nerd, who happens to like wargames, roleplay games, sci-fi, fantasy, clubbing, music (eccletic tastes, Rock, Metal, Goth, and Industrial music is all good), and spending unhealthy amounts of time on the Internet :o)

If you want to friend me then go ahead. It's only likely that I'll add you back if I know you in some way or if we have some other mutual connection however. Sorry.

I do like discussion and debate and I wouldn't want anyone to feel discouraged from disagreeing with something I've written here. Obviously it's best if you do so politely and with tact. Please be aware that if you post on my journal that someone else might comment on what you've written and this guideline bears extra importance in that case.

I do use filters. If a post is friends-locked then there is likely something somewhere in the post that I do not want to be known by just about anyone; use your common sense. The only time I am likely to use a filter is for personal posts that are usually marked 'Private'; obviously if you see such a post they are not intended to be revealed to other people. If you're not happy keeping it to yourself then please don't read it.

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ICQ: 26748155

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